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Thread: how much of chicago to avoid?

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    Can anybody suggest a decent route for a rental car trip from O'Hare to West Bend on a Tuesday evening after 8:00 pm local time? Approximate distance from
    ORD to West Bend? Approximate driving time at that time of evening?

    Same questions for travel from West Bend to ORD, arriving ORD around 3:00 pm
    on a Monday.


    Mike, It should about 120 miles. (I mapquested from Half Day Rd at 98) At that hour(the 8:00 pm part of the trip) I'd just head out of O'hare and get on the 294 N. Though one never reallyreally knows, you should have smooth sailing all the way. I'd bet $5 on 70-80 mph for the IL portion of it. What about it Cheese-heads? I can't believe Milw is at all busy on tuesday nite at 9-9:30.
    The return could go either way. Right now there's some construction, but in two weeks, who knows? Likely to slow especially as you near the airport and the kennedy, but check out 12/45; milwaukee Ave to the River Rd cut-off. It goes right to O'hare. You could pick it up S. bound at half-Day Rd, Deerfield Rd, or a bit further N.
    780 AM has traffic reports every 10 mins on the 8's. 24/7 Hope this helps. Any other Q's?
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    adding 120 miles to avoid traffic

    I can't see how adding 120 miles to a trip to avoid traffic could be worth it. Especially since the added miles don't exactly ride through ultra scenic areas.

    Plan your timing....early early morning will be fine. Mid morning might be okay.

    Also, there a number of possible routes north to get you of the Lake Shore Drive.

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