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Thread: '04 Rally Camping Questions

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    Thumbs up re: The MOSS ParaWing

    Originally posted by Rob Nye

    What I think is the slick setup is to bring your own shade and make your own site primo. Visian demonstrates how with minimal effort you can turn just about anyplace into a great campsite.

    While it may look like he has a ton of stuff to carry you don't need to ride a GS to camp in such splendor. His picture convinced me that it is time to upgrade.
    Rob, old buddy, you won't go wrong if you purchase a MOSS 'ParaWing' from Mountain Safety Research (MSR). I've used my 'Wing for several years now and "wouldn't leave home without it!"

    The price shown at the MSR site is a bit steep ($200.00) but it sure is nice to have your tent, table, Kermit chair AND your beloved Beemer all safely tucked under the 'Wing out of the hot sun or when the rain hits at a rally. I have a picture of my set-up at the 2002 Trenton rally but I'm afraid to post it here 'cuz my camp area was a "mess" when I took the photo. Not quite as clean and well-groomed as was Visian in his excellent photograph posted above.

    I purchased my 'Wing from a dealer in Vancouver and didn't pay anywhere near the MSRP shown on the MSR site. Maybe you can get a better deal from one of their sellers. I don't think MSR sells direct.

    There are SIX poles for the 19' ParaWing. Max length of each pole is 34" so it makes for a bit of configuring to get the carry bag attached somewhere on your motorcycle. Sure worth it when you get to the rally and get all set up though!

    MOSS Tents used to make a smaller 12' ParaWing but I'm not sure if it's offered anymore. Maybe MSR can assist you with finding one.

    Kelty also have a very nice 'Sun Shade' available (listed under "Shelters")...and I think I've actually seen more of the Kelty design at rallies than the MOSS ParaWing. I'm not sure of the price differential 'tween Kelty and MOSS.

    The Kelty 'Noah's Tarp' (12' X 12') you showed appears (ahem::: ) somewhat less...robust...than MY Parawing! Big difference in price, though.

    Happy Camping!
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