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    Question Rally Volunteering

    I saw the loooonnngg list of volunteer opportunities for the Rally. Since Spokane will be my first rally, what are the most needed areas for volunteers? I'm sure the glamour jobs like working in the Beer Tent are most popular but I'm willing to do (almost) anything if help is needed.

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    I was the chair for security back in 99. I can assure you that security always needs people. I liked to work the front gate because you'd see all the folks arriving with their stuff still piled on their bikes. I liked to tell them "You made it!"

    The smiles were ample payback. But if you think about it, security will need a ton of people watching things like the shipping gate, answering questions, directing traffic and rousting illegally parked bikes.

    I'll probably work security again. It's my fave and I try to do it every time I'm at a national.

    If you don't have a preference, there's usually a volunteer booth that will sign you up and point to a place to work for a while. Working a couple hours to help out doing anything will make you feel like you're really taking part instead of just being a consumer.
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    Thumbs up

    Marty, if you're a "meet and greet" type of person, Registration and the Country Store are fun areas. Regardless of what you volunteer for, you're bound to make new friends, and you'll be rewarded with a good feeling knowing you helped make the event happen! See you in Spokane.

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    Originally posted by chasman
    Marty, if you're a "meet and greet" type of person, Registration and the Country Store are fun areas...
    Another good spot is in Communications. I did that last year. I was mostly the "dumb look" guy because I didn't know many answers, but for some of the questions that kept coming up, I eventually caught on and had fun there anyway.
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