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Thread: Lansing Mi. to West Bend

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    Lansing Mi. to West Bend

    I am planing on going to the rally on a 1975 R/90-6. I have not taken this bike on any long trips. I got the bike last winter and put in new oil, filters, new tires and think it is ready for the road. I just don't know if I am. I am planing on going thru Chicago on 94, leaving on the morning of the 12th. I could take the ferry, but I think the cost is too high. About 150.00. Any suggestions for a old bike and older biker.

    Thanks enginerod

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    Have been receiving Social Security for a bit that makes me older. That bike of your will be running long after we have both expired.

    Be sure to check out Riding on the Edge for some stops along the way. I plan to Ride on the Edge going out and take the Lake Express on the way home.

    Go for it mate, you are a long time dead, enjoy life now. I just finished two nights in a tent at the Airheads at the Aerodrome. I even stayed up to 10:30.

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    avoid rush hour at all costs! the ride up Lake Shore drive is beautiful it turns into Sheridan road and goes though Northwestern University and the BIG buck homes and some nice little twisty bits. A short ride west on lake-cook road will take you back onto 94 north of the city.

    This is the route I will be taking that morning.

    Easiest way to Lake Shore drive, is take the Indiana toll road to the skyway. Take Stoney Island av North follow it to the Lake.

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    There are a couple (maybe 4) guys going from Cadillac and Traverse City on Wed the 11 th about 6-7 am. We are going up over the top, arriving in West Bend Wed are more than welcome to join us.
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    I would do anything to avoid the drive around Chicago, traffic or no traffic.

    I am taking the ferry over on Thursday morning and then driving back over the top on Sunday. The cost of the ferry one way is only $75.

    If you want to ride with someone let me know.

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    Lansing to West Bend

    Thanks for the info.........I decided to go on the ferry, round trip, only 125.00, I just have to stay a day longer than I was going to. I am on vacation for a month so I will just have to stay longer and enjoy.


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    I live down in Brooklyn and would be willing to get together with you and give your machine a good once over.
    Contact me off list if you would be interested.
    BTW, I've heard that if you tell the ferry company you are part of the MOA rally you get a reduced cost.
    I'll be riding up through the UP with some friends and anyone is welcome to tag along.
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    -dan in michigan

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    Thanks for the invite.........I decided on the ferry, the discount made it within my budget. I have gone thru the bike over the winter and I believe it is ready, the trip will tell if I did a good job.

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