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Thread: XM antenna addition to the ZUMO 550

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    XM antenna addition to the ZUMO 550

    Ok, I've just ordered the Garmin GXM-30 XM radio antenna to add to my Zumo 550 on my 1200GS. Anyone out there already done this addition? Looking for mounting solutions for the antenna...


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    XM for Zumo

    I just ordered from Genna, the Gadget Guy. He offers different base plates which can be used to mount the XM antenna.

    If you go here, you'll see a photo of the setup.

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    With the help of my riding partner, I recently installed a GXM-30. I agonized over the various installation options, but I finally settled on this. I'm quite happy with the result. This is how my dealer is installing them. . . . I first saw it on the owner's GSA.

    Had to drill a pretty good sized hole. We just drilled progressively larger and larger, carefully measuring the inner and outer dimensions of the 1/4" grommet from Home Depot. We even resorted to dremmeling the antenna head a bit. Ironically, the GS "duck bill" and the GXM-30 cost about the same, so it doesn't matter which one you screw up.

    I've seen people mount the antenna in various ways on the handlebars, on the windshield mount, etc., but I don't like a crowded cockpit.

    I have the Zumo mounted to the upper windshield support brace with Touratech GPS mount and extension. It's very head's-up and a clean display. For me, the coups de grace was running a headphone extension from the Zumo mount, underneath the tank, and up in front of the tank bag. Now I can plug in easily, can stand up no problem, have no wires dangling around the handlebars, and no interference when gassing up.

    This photo shows only the power cord installed.

    Head phone extension, power cable (direct-to-battery), antenna wire. Tried to bundle these, but I couldn't find conduit smaller than 3/8". It's still pretty clean.

    Headphone extension running up through the seat to the front of the tankbag. I always wondered what the Velcro patch and loop were for on my Touratech bag. Now I know.

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