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Thread: Valeo Starters

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    Valeo Starters

    The starter motor in my 1994 R100-R quit this weekend. One of the magnets delaminated from case and bound the whole thing up. I'm not looking for advice, a direct-drop replacement Nippon-Denso starter is on order, and I will be back on the road soon. I'm just wondering which years BMW used these starters.
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    Hmmm...Matt Parkhouse had an article recently (I think) about the Valeo and the magnets. I wonder if he mentioned the years that these were used...
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    But if you get one of the updated starters, they've fixed the magnet problem with a different internal design and internal spring support. Still spins faster with less power draw...and maybe $200.
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    Smile starter repair

    I have taken two R100RT starters to the local alternator/starter repair facility near me. The replace the starter housing with one from a Saturn car. The Saturn magnets are held in with metal clips. The use the BMW armeture as the gear is different. Charged me $65.00 and one has been running for about 40k miles with no problems.
    Just thought you would like to know an inexpensive way that works.


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