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Thread: 2007 National MOA computer Registration

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    I also did not get an email confirmation. And, being boned tired, clicked on the wrong button and did not print out page when I was done. I have been looking for an email.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TammyL View Post
    Tourdawg, I just sent you a confirmation to the email we have in our database. If you have any problems let me know.

    Now, for the rest you before this goes any further.....

    Due the overwhelming volume of pre-registratins from those who wait until the last minute to register we are still in the process of sending out confirmations.

    I am the one who handles pre-registration so if you ever have a problem click on the link for questions for registration and the email will come directly to me. I am also the Office Manager so if you ever have a problem or you are not satisfied with a response you have received from someone in the office let me know and I will take care of it. I don't get on the forum unless someone brings to my attention something that needs addressing, such as this.

    Once again, if you ever need help or have a question don't hesitate to call or email me. I will take care of you!

    Now carry on...............and ride safe.

    Tammy Leuthauser
    Office & Logistics Manager

    Big thumbs up Tammy.

    Thanks for the explanation and the invite to contact you when there are questions.

    I really like the way HQ staff steps up and addresses issues.

    I know the IT staff is working on new software for MOA and perhaps these issues will resolve themselves once the new software is installed.

    Thanks again Tammy for the response.
    Ride Well

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