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Thread: GS Tires?

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    GS Tires?

    I have a 96 R1100GS... Have been buying Metzler Enduro 4 and Torrance tires but have never been thrilled with the wear pattern (flat) of the rear. Would like to try a set of street tires on my bike and would like some input from any members who have tried them on their GS. Thanks in advance.

    Front 110/80-19
    Rear 150/70-17
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    I have used a Dunlop D206 cruiser tyre on the rear before and it too developed a flat spot in the centre based on slab riding. The handling was good in the wet and dry though. I have also had D604 (NLA) and the subsequent Dunlop D607 dual sports and they did the same type of thing.

    I have finally settled on Metzeler Karoo (T) tyres that grip well wet and dry (for my ride style anyway, not very aggressive admittedly) and handle really nicely on gravel and asphalt alike. I have 2500 on the current set and not much sign of excessive wear yet. I keep them inflated to wall pressure except when going down gravel or slippery terrain.

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    GS tires

    Michelin Anakee. Great thread, good grip; Have them front & rear. Cool.
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    I haven't tried them yet, but I hear Micheiln built the "Pilot Sports" in GS size.

    I run Pirelli M/T 90s 'Scorpians' (about an 80/20 tire), but they have been replaced by the Scorpian Syncro's.

    You need more twisty roads to even them out...
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