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Thread: 1996 R850R seat options

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    1996 R850R seat options

    Man, I am really enjoying the bike so far. One thing that bugs me a little.though, I've noticed the seat gets a little uncomfortable after an hour or so of constant riding. I'm 5'6" with a 29" inseam. I have the seat on the second of the three adjustment heights. The stock seat kinda sets you in a "pocket", not much room the move around.

    I've searched this site, aftermarket manufacturers and a general Google search and didn't come up with anything. There are plenty of options for the R1100R but no luck for the R850R.

    I think if the seat were a little "flatter" and less "pockety" (?) it might be better. I lost a bid on ebay for a stock seat that I might try to modify myself. I don't want to put anykind of sheepskin or bead blanket cover on it.

    I'm open to any ideas of suggestions. Until then I'll keep ejoying the bike and stop often and rearrange my man tackle.

    Thanks T.

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    The seat for the R1100R should fit fine. The only difference between the 850 and 1100R is the stroke and gearing in the final drive otherwise everything is interchangeable. Seats are personal, what works for someone doesn't for another like windscreens.

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    I put 80,000 miles on my R 850 R with a Corbin seat, which was very comfortable for 700 mile + days. I couldn't stay on the original for more that about 50 miles. Incredibly bad seat. You can sometimes find these used on e-bay. I know some folk don't like the Corbins, but the on on the 850 was very useable. LT

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