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Thread: Dealer Referrals Needed - North Carolina

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    Dealer Referrals Needed - North Carolina

    I'm going to be in North Carolina here in two weeks when my 18K service interval comes due. I'd like to get some positive reviews on dealerships in the area where I might be able to get squeezed in for service on a Saturday (I'll book the service this Tuesday as soon as the shops open), or I'll just ride it back to Dallas and have the service done here at the end of the trip if needed.

    The BMW US web site is referring 7 dealers to me for our wrap up in Statesville NC ... two of the shops don't specifically sounds like BMW shops (but they must be or else the BMW website wouldn't refer them). The closest that gives me a warm fuzzy is BMW/Ducati of Charlotte, followed by Greensboro NC, Greensville SC, and Raleigh NC.

    Any experiences you guys can share on these four dealers, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated!

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    Delong Lee at BMW Ducatti in Charlotte is a certified Master Mechanic and really does a great job. He has had a number of classic BMW bikes and restored them. I would give him an A+++ recomendation.
    Jim Johnson, OP Kansas
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    Thanks Jim!

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    The guys at Capitol BMW in Raleigh are excellent. But you'd need to schedule that service ASAP, they are good and they are busy.

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    Touring Sport in Greenville, SC is a chip-shot from western NC ... and a very good outfit.

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    North Carolina
    Charlotte BMW/Ducati is your best bet from Statesville . . . . and they are good guys.

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    I have had excellent service at Greensboro and would also recommend them highly. They seem to be booked 2-3 weeks ahead, but I bet would work you in to keep you on the road.

    Cal Miller

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    Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

    Just to follow-up on my thread, I called around today and ended up getting scheduled with BMW of Charlotte. I heard nothing but good things about Charlotte, Greensboro, Greenville, and Raleigh, so felt good going with either of them.

    Since I'm coming off a multi-day endurance rally, and need to get the bike cold for the valve check, I decided to start closer to Statesville, and I would spiral outward if Charlotte wasn't able to work me into the schedule. Spoke with Bob today, explained my situation, and he's got me scheduled. Only asked that I let him know if my plans changed and I wouldn't be coming. Fair enough.

    I'll follow-up in a different thread with my experiences with Charlotte, but wanted to close off with where I was headed.

    Thanks y'all!

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    Ashville BMW

    Last time I was there (Grand Openning) they did not have any BMW Master Techs. They were working on it, but none at that time.

    RT Rider

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    This thread is 4 1/2 years old.

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    Asheville BMW

    Quote Originally Posted by racer7 View Post
    Just to complete your list- there is Eurosport Asheville open about a year now.
    Don't know much about what sort of reputation they've developed but its one of the closer ones to Statesville.
    I agree. Great dealership, and while you're waiting, walk across the road to The Biltmore House. Motels close by, too.

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    The folks at Touring Sport in Greenville and Eurosport BMW in Asheville are very nice. Both appear to be competent and i've not had any problems with either. Eurosport is more willing to work with you as far as prices go.

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    Purchased a used 2010 RT online that the seller bought at Charlotte BMW. They not only stored the bike for 2 weeks until I could pick it up but did all the work I requested in a most professional manner. Great service, parts and riding gear selection. I would highly recommend them.
    2010 R1200RT
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    I would highly recommend Asheville BMW for any kind of service. I live in Charlotte and end up getting my 6000 mile service done at Asheville BMW (aka Eurosports) after getting price quotations from both. They were prompt, friendly and have a great lounge area with bunch of hotels and restaurants close by.
    Charlotte BMW hourly labor rates are $$$$$$$$!!!!!!

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    Interesting that this guy would say this

    Quote Originally Posted by rcbmw View Post
    I worked there for years..i can say without remorse that Jason Emmert can be trusted about as far as you can throw him. Unless you are ready to spend alot of money right now...don't bother. I was always amazed at how he and his sales manager would run people into the ground as soon as they walked out the door. As far as honesty...i never got a correct paycheck the whole time i worked for the Emmerts. Never even got back all the money they "forgot" to deposit into my Simple IRA for four yes (4) years....forgot..hmmmm....if you do buy a bike from there and you trade..make sure of the amount they charge you interest on...another little trick they like. Want to hear more..i got all the inside scoop on this dealership
    This would be the guy that has claimed "ignorance" or an "honest mistake" all while sending the incorrect parts to people. Ironic that he would claim "dishonesty" from a former employer when he seems to be the dishonest one. I can also say "without remorse" that Richard Cockman has some issues with honesty as well.

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