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Thread: What does it fit ? NOS rotor marked 1 236 337

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    What does it fit ? NOS rotor marked 1 236 337

    Doe anyone have a cross reference source or good info on following?

    I have 1 sparkly new brake rotor disc, wanted to use it on my '78 R100S with snowflakes.
    The bad news is the rotor carrier or hub is taller than the hubs on my bike, so of course the brake calipers wont line up.

    The PN cast on the not-fitting carrier is 1 236 337. I presume that starts with a 3411?

    Cant pull up a applcation for either the long or short number version on realoem or the parts order form for CHI BMW or Max.

    BUT - from rotor face to hub face is almost exact 1.5"

    The rotor that came off my '78 R100S rear is marked 1 231 343 and measured the same way is ~1"
    FWIW, even THAT part number (again assuming a "3411" leads the number) will not come on the above sources.
    How the heck am I ever going to stop the bike if I cant even find the part number??

    The carrier DOES fit diamter-wise on a snowflake just dandy.

    Anyone know what all this will fit?
    Does anyone sell rivets to use the new rotor on my old hub?

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    ETK shows that the part number for both front and rear disks are the same - 34 11 1 236 566. Are the numbers stamped into your rotors the same front and rear? If not, then maybe one is a replacement?

    Also, it's possible that the marks your looking at are not actually the part number but rather a casting number. I'll admit that the seven digits you offer look suspiciously like the end of a part number, but it might not be.
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    Neither 7 digit part number comes up on the new ETK which has a seven number lookup. I would guess that the numbers are no longer in the system, being replaced by new ones decades ago. Or, never were listed, but only listed the whole assembly of carrier and rotor.
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