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Thread: Today's page from the Page-A-Day "Car Talk" calendar

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    Today's page from the Page-A-Day "Car Talk" calendar

    Under the heading "How come this never happened to James Dean?"

    Dear Tom and Ray:

    I grew up in Wisconsin. When I was 20, my brother came home with his new Honda 750 motorcycle. He said the bike was mine for the whole week. While he went out for a beer, I went to Denver. It was mid-August and extremely hot. The bike had no windshield. All through Nebraska, the grasshoppers used me for a punching bag. I stopped to get gas, trying to look cool. People were staring. I looked in the rearview mirror, and my face had hundreds of bugs stuck to it. I got so sunburned that my lips cracked. By the time I got to Denver and visited the girl I went there to impress, my face was swollen, burnt and peeling, with lips bleeding. Needless to say, I haven't seen her in 30 years.

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    I have that desk calendar at work and got a chuckle out of it this morning.

    Reminded me of the time I was riding on the highway at fairly legal speeds, had a bee fly into my helmet (it was warm so I thought it was a good idea to raise my face shield) at 60 mph and imbed it's stinger so it came out the back of my head. The resulting swelling scared small children for days.
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