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Regarding my feeling on price vs. value so far, I'd say I'm happy so far.
i had forgotten about this thread... good that someone dredged it back up because shade is good... wind-resistant shade is better.

my moss (now msr) parawing is going on 10 years old and has seen a TON of wind ans wrath-of-God-style rain. the parabolic design is particularly strong in windy situations. and the poles and cords are quite sturdy. it even has small pockets in the corners into which you can place rocks to help weight it down.

i also choose my tents for performance in wind. they may not have the highest ceiling height, but the sucker ain't going to blow down in the middle of the night. a blown down wing and a wet tent can really spoil a good night's sleep!

speaking about where you put your tent relative to the wing, if it is going to be windy/hot with no rain, my tent projects out from the wing, so there is room to sit under it.

if it's going to rain like a mofo, then the tent goes under the wing. nice to have a small tent so that you can make quick relocations.


ps => i bought my kermit chair back when they were about $65.