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    Riding Suit

    I ride a R12RT and a R12GS. I'm trying to get an idea of what most people wear when riding for example on a road trip. I have a 2 piece Road Crafter suit which I think is good protection but uncomfortable temperature wise unless it's 60 or colder outside. I recently bought a "Venting Machine" from the local BMW dealer (I'm not sure if they're trying to make it cooler why they made it black) and it's cooler but I don't feel like the skid protection would be as good. Does anyone have an alternate suggestion or am I just destined to sweat my butt off?


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    Look into the stuff made by Rev'It. High quality stuff (think Aerostich), seems well designed, and is marketed directly to the BMW crowd.

    I investigated the Airforce jacket, but they have other offerings as well that would work for you. I ended up going with something much cheaper because it never gets that hot here in Seattle, but if I lived in warmer climes, I'd definitely go for a Rev'It mesh suit.
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    Rallye II/Roadcrafter

    I have a Roadcrafter 2-piece, and love it when it isn't summer. A couple of years ago I bought the Rallye II suit, and that's about all I wear anymore. It's the most comfortable riding gear ever, for me anyhow. Just finished a 900 mi. ride in it last week. With the goretex lining out and the vents open, it's comfortable up into the 90's when moving. When it's really cold, I'll still opt for the Roadcrafter with heated stuff underneath, and I love all the storage areas in the R/C as well as the ease of donning. But it really isn't as comfy as the Rallye. I suppose the current Pro is even better, but I'll leave that for others to comment on.

    I also have the discontinued Marsee evaporative vest, but it secretes a sticky substance and is quite heavy when loaded up with water. Still, when it's really hot, it is worth using over a t-shirt and under the Rallye suit or a mesh jacket. There are some other similar products out there now you might check into.
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    I'm using a BMW StreetGuard 2 suit. It is quite good from near to below freezing (with the addition of a Gerbings jacket liner) to above 30C degrees. Hottest I've tested it in was around 32 C (89 F). It was good as long as I was moving, a bit warm sitting still.
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    444 The Ultimate Kevlar IIhas excellent ventilation, is comfortable and has excellent crash protection. They will custome fit and can do a one or two piece. Equal in protection in my opinion, however please consider I have never had an opportunity to try it out in a crash.
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    Another plug for the Streetguard 2.
    Just bought one down at Bob's in Maryland on my way back from Deal's Gap etc.
    Was up to 90 f +, with humidity, and felt good as long as I was moving, as Ed said. In dry heat, it works even better.
    There wasn't much thought put into venting the pants though, inmo.


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    Totally enjoying this combo..Commuter 3 and Tourance

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    +1 for Motoport suits. Get the two piece suit. Motoport offers the best crash protection and a suit that works in all weather. One suit does it all. The second best choice is the Rally II from BMW but it is not as cool as the Motoport and does not offer the same protection for road crashes. Motoport offers two kind of pants, a zip over your clothes style like Aerostich, and a wear them all day like regular pants similar to the BMW Rally II.

    The only hassle with Motoport is the same hassle with BMW. When you are in hot humid conditions with rain, it is difficult to change the pant liners. The jacket liner is no problem and is easily changed. The advantage of the Aerostich is that you can ride through rain squalls without stopping.

    The Motoport has armor in more places, but somewhat thinner armor than this year's BMW Rally II. The Motoport armor is similar thickness to the BMW Savannah suit. It seems to me like the BMW armor would work better in a low speed get off, like an off road spill, and the Motoport would be better in a fall at freeway speeds.

    Last but not least, if you order any custom sizing or colors with the Motoport, then the suit is made in America. The Motoport standard suit and the BMW suit are made in China.

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    Try the BMW summer pants with a Draggin' Jean Kevlar long sleave shirt. It is a kevlar mesh. Great by itself when hot and great underneath adding a trapped layer of air when its cold.

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    Thanks to all

    Thanks everyone for your help on the riding suit!


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    I got a BMW Rallye II Pro last year, and love it. Any suit will be hot when the temps are high, but that said, it's well vented. Downside is the price.
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