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Thread: prereg trouble; is it just me?

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    prereg trouble; is it just me?

    I can't login to preregister for National, it just ignores the info & returns to the login screen. No error message & I'm fairly certain of my info. I use Explorer 5.50 & tried Firefox too. What am I missing?... TNX <<<)))

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    It is just you.

    Well, at least it wasn't me.

    Why not give the Country Store a call? They have been amazingly helpful to me, and I'm sure they can straighten you out or at least point you in the right direction.

    Good luck!

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    Not just you. I had to have my password reset, I'm still not clear if my username/password was case senstive or what was wrong.

    I typed in the info I thought was right and it wouldn't log me on. I then copy/pasted the same info sent to me by the admin and it worked. Case was different.

    Then I couldn't complete my prereg, kept stating that one of my riders didn't qualify for the toddler rate. That was firefox, I was told to try IE, so did, and that worked.

    Great support getting it solved. See you in West Bend!

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    like so many oversights

    It didn't dawn on me that, if you've Ever registered as a member: that name & password are what you use. I hadn't used it in 2 years & flat forgot I'd done it (DOHH). TNX to MOA HQ, squared me up in <30 seconds... C U in WB <<<)))

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