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Thread: Mesh Jacket

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    Olympia Airglide

    I recently bought an Olympia Airglide mesh jacket with elbow, shoulder, and spine pads. It is great in hot weather and the removable liner works well too for the colder weather. Two weeks ago I bought a Ladies Airglide for my wife from Bob's BMW on sale for $79.00- a real bargain as they retail for over $130.

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    Thumbs up ATGATT & hot weather

    Hi everyone, thought I'd chime in. I try to wear leather as long as possible but it just gets to hot at some point. I switch over to a BMW mesh jacket that has an intenal liner for wet and cold weather. Also have hein gericke mesh pants that has an internal liner. I also wear Icon armor for knees and shin, elbow and forearms and back protector with minimal chest protection. Full face Nolan. Totaled my last bike when run off the road, was wearing leather and walked away with a slight tear to the left rotator cuff, ruined a good hein gericke jacket and pants, (both leather) and my Shoei. I'm getting ready to ride to Albuquerque then up to yellowstone. Figure I'll be in hot desert weather. I have a vest that you soak and is supposed to keep you cool for up to four hours. I'm also carrying a 60 oz water bladder and drinking line that fits into a pouch on the back of the jacket so I can sip while riding. Got it at Aerostitch for about $19.00. I agree that a big danger with mesh is dehydration. I grew up riding in the desert Southwest and almost killed myself several times because in the days prior to mesh it was leather or nothing, but at least you knew you were sweating. Ride safe everyone

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    I have a Kilimanjaro Air and love it except for the cheap zipperpulls - both of which I've broken.

    As for cooling your legs off - hie thee hence to and get a set of air wings. They make my R80RT tolerable in 88 degree weather when I'd other wise broil my legs. Their customer service is great and the product simply WORKS. Only caveat that I have is to check the tightness of the knobs every time you head out - I had one vibrate loose - fortunately it fell off in the driveway so I found it when I got home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by carockwell View Post
    Look at before you buy. I have tried on all the suits mentioned in this thread and thought Motoport was the best.The Motoport with liners is a genuine "one suit for all conditions", especially hot conditions.The safety of a Motoport suit beats all other mesh suits.


    I have the Air Mesh Kevlar II jacket and pants, and they are very comfortable riding in the 95 degree, 85 percent humidity we have in South Louisiana. They both have the armor and are nice in that you can throw the stuff in the washer and clean it up easily, with air drying.

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    In 2003 Voni and I were approaching Las Vegas during the Iron Butt Rally. Late afternoon temps in LV hit a record-for-the-date 114 that day. I was wearing mesh riding pants and jacket. I was getting dehydrated quickly. I stopped and put my Aerostich Roadcrafter back on, over a wet flannel shirt. I was a lot cooler with just the vented air working on the wet shirt.

    Since then I wear the mesh jacket only for short or around-town trips in hot weather. Long distance trips I take only the Roadcrafter jacket and both my Roadcrafter and mesh pants. I use an OR brand evaporative vest and it really works. And dehydration is less of a problem.
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    I believe Paul's solution works best in dry climates, but wicking undergarments plus mesh gear works better in humid climates.
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    I bought a Tour Master Flex jacket about 6 months ago and it works great. It has zipper panels that can be removed to make a good mesh jacket. It also has a rain proof liner for the rain and a winter liner for the cold weather.

    Its a great all round jacket.

    But like an earlier post recommended, I ware a cool-vest under it during the hot Texas summer.

    That said, all of the jackets mentioned above are good bets. It depends on your personal preference.


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    Thumbs up mesh jacket

    I bought the Tourmaster Draft jacket for $90 and it ventilates real good and is comfortable.

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