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Thread: Garmin GPSmap 60CSx question

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    Garmin GPSmap 60CSx question

    I have planed a trip on mapsource and transfered it to the gps unit. but when I go to navigate the route it says "Route Calculatione Error: No roads near destination"

    I have all the detailed maps loaded and the destination is just some guys house that is on a road that shows up when I map the way point.

    Any idea what it could be?????

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    In my neighborhood, they've built a bunch of new developments in the past couple of years, most with new streets.

    Because the major GPS mapping companies haven't come around yet with their mapping cars, these roads don't yet show up on my Garmin City Select maps. Nor do they appear on Google or MapQuest maps.

    Does your destination show up on the online maps (Google/MapQuest/etc.)?

    Have you updated your GPS unit with the latest software/firmware? Is your MapSource software up to date? What map set are you using?
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    But I see the streets on the unit that I am trying to get to. Maybe I will move the destination to a local major road.

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    I am using Metroguide North America 6.00

    I fooled around with it for a while and what I have discovered is that it doesn't recognize RT 1 going up the coast. Once RT 1 reconnects with 101, north of golden gate bridge, it recognizes everything fine.

    RT 1 shows up on the map on the unit but it won't set a course on that road. Do I have a problem with the unit?

    Any ideas?

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