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Thread: "Hey man, are you OK?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by wsteinborn View Post
    Thank goodness you are OK.

    I usually wear textiles unless I am on a BACA run.

    When I crashed on gravel, it was that sharp crushed type. No armor, but the leather took a beating instead of me.

    The chaps were scuffed, as were my boots a Gerbings gloves (December 23 was cold - we were delivering Christmas prsents.) My fashion H-D jacket lost half the thickness of leather in one sleve.

    Leather is good, unless it rains or is hot.
    BMW's Reflect Leathers are really great. It's amazing how reflecting the sun's heating on black makes a difference. Not cheap, but the best $1K you will ever spend in the ER.
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    I'm really glad that you're OK.

    I REALLY appreciate you (and others) for sharing such experiences. It may help other to avoid the same trap.

    You're not stupid. You are the victim of an accident. And although it's a rare occurrence, you were totally prepared with not only gear but first aid. You are to be commended (and congratulated, I suppose).

    Glad your bike's not worse and your minor bruises (as you made them sound) will heal quickly.

    Thank you again for sharing this valuable lesson and for reminding me: any place, any time.

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    I'd call that the best possible outcome, ultracyclist.

    I'm glad to hear you're doing well.
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    Thumbs up

    Kudo's for sharing this with all of us and admitting to making a mistake. We all do, but few are willing to admit that in a public forum. I am happy for you that you were ATGATT, and a you only have a few bruises. Gravel, loose sand and ice in curves are about the worst we can encounter on the roads. (apart from those cellphone toting ^&**$#%^)
    Heal up fast!

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    The estimate to fix my bike (mostly farkles, helmet) is about $2700.00

    You cannot buy just one PIAA light, one has to buy the whole set. You cannot buy just the touring windshield, you must also get the mounting bracket and hardware per the father land.

    Oh, well let the insurance company pay for this stuff.

    Believe it or not, I faired much better than the bike. The worst I have is soft tissue bruise medial to the right side of my rib cage, and my right arm from shoulder to wrist is bruised. I am amazed that I did not break anything on the right side.

    I am polishing up my helmet and it will be placed on the coffee table as a knick-knack.
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    Glad you are reasonably un-damaged. I was about to post a thread asking if the first gear mesh is any good in a crash. I have the same gear you went down in. So sorry you had to be the one to answer the question. Heal fast, and thank you for posting.

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    Dang Howard, "Hey man, are you OK?"

    Glad you fared well, one of life's little [gravitational] moments on two-wheels.

    Get well soon, and enjoy the rest of summer when you get a chance.

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    glad you survived to remind us of the benefits of good gear. heal up and ride on.

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