Thinking of the snow and ice that still grips much of the country and the many riders pacing nervously around their garages, I'm reminded of one of my more questionable rides.

Going Home - 11/01

Many riders boast, "It's the ride, not the destination." But, for me, the destination is of great importance - or rather, the certainty of achieving a goal.

You see, I am a procrastinator of heroic proportions. I'll happily dilly-dally, put-off, postpone, contemplate, ponder, think about, and avoid almost anything that becomes difficult or uncertain -- and no, you don't have to point out the misfortune of an artist having this trait.

And so I ride, for a ride must be finished. The concept, "I am here and I must get there", cannot be ignored. No excuse is enough. Add a few rewarding obstacles and a bit of misfortune, and an experience will be forged.