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Thread: Scratched that itch!

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    Scratched that itch!

    Yee-hah. It was a balmy 36 degrees today and I got my scoot out this morning. Made it out of the driveway with it's covering of mostly ice/snow. Just went slow and put my boots down like outriggers to get to the road. It isn't far, just icy.
    Sun was shining bright. The roads were mostly dry. Running down along the river I kept my eyes peeled for ice patches, but didn't encounter any.
    Got a little over an hour of saddle time before I had to come back home for my Sunday job. It was great. Hands got a little cold as I wore my favorite gloves and not my big puffy warm ones.
    Yippie skippie.
    Worst problem was shifting. A couple weeks back I took off my boots and hit the dance floor for a couple moments. My sock caught and I rolled my shifter big toe under and sprained the bejeebers out of it. In my excitement to hit the road I fergot to tape it up.
    Riding was well worth the minimal discomfort. Come on SPRING!

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    Spring's coming, Cliffy!
    Dave Swider
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    Know how you feel, finally got to get rid of the cabin fever... Took two (hours) and didn't need to call the doc the next morning. Enjoyed the cold but clear day last week. 27degrees and partly sunny. I spent 2 days clearing out a path from the snow/ice to get the bike to the street. Told wife, couldn't take it no more. Moving up here from AZ, sure need to ride when you can.!!!

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    Glad to see your scooterin

    You michigan guys have had a time tryin to ride this winter, heh. I rode yesterday and today as it was 64 Sat and 59 today with not a cloud in the sky and very sunny. Whew what a blast. I know all about those MI winters as my bro and sis in law lived in (Baroda) about 2 years ago. Man what snow that close to the big pond. Watch that ice!

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