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Thread: Who was Sarah Logan?

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    Who was Sarah Logan?

    Who was Sarah Logan?

    Sarah Logan was the niece of the owner of the Brookdale Lodge
    in Brookdale, CA. At six years of age, Sarah drowned in the creek
    that runs through the dining room of the Lodge.

    Rumor has it that the lodge is haunted by the young Miss
    Logan and another young lady. Visitors to the lodge have also
    reported hearing music in quite rooms and footsteps in empty

    Over on one of the other touring boards, a ride to the lodge
    in search of ghostly phenomenon was organized. Since I live
    just the other side of the hill, I thought it'd be a wonderful
    ride for an otherwise busy weekend. Not the longest of rides but
    pretty none the less.

    Brookdale is located in the Santa Cruz mountains. Nestled
    among the Coastal Redwoods. Originally built in the '20's, the
    lodge has been a popular stop off for many a celebrity.
    Mae West was said to have stayed there as was Joan Crawford
    and Herbert Hoover.

    Saturday was a mix between wet and dry. In the early
    afternoon, things were looking good and I made my way to
    Brookdale. Out the front door, left on Sunnyvale/Saratoga and
    I was on my way.

    Just the other side of Skyline Blvd off of Highway 9, I stopped
    at the over-look.

    Not many hikers or bikers out this weekend either.

    A little less than an hour after leaving the house, I arrived at
    the lodge.

    The outdoor portion of the creek that runs through the lodge.

    A few of the participants.

    A look through the lobby.

    The dining room (beautiful, isn't it!).

    Saturday evening and very early Sunday morning, rain pounded
    the roof. No ghosts. Just heavy rain.

    Fortunately, the heavy stuff broke and we were treated to a
    little clearing.

    A little breakfast and we headed our separate ways in what
    remained of the rain.

    Brookdale Lodge is a fascinating place. Worth a visit if you


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    Nice report

    Loved the shot of the stream running through the dining room.
    What a cool thing to do.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Nice one, ian! I spent the weekend doing chores and hiding from the rain. Looks like you and Native_Tejas were busy!
    Dave Swider
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    I need to get over this sport bike phobia of not riding in the

    As someone smarter than me once said "It's just water. 'Aint
    got no soap in it"


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