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Thread: How Much Better is the R1250RT than the R1200RT?

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    How Much Better is the R1250RT than the R1200RT?

    If at all?

    And can I order a bike from BMW, or am I limited to whatever I can find in a dealer?

    Thank you.

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    What are you looking to compare? This is the sub forum for the oil cooled R1200 motors. Are you wanting to compare the newer liquid cooled wetheads to the older oil cooled engines or are you wanting to compare the liquid cool 1250 to the liquid cooled 1200, if the later you are in the wrong sub forum you need to be in the wethead forum.
    Shawn Conver
    2011 R1200RT, 2018 Cummins 2500, 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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    The Hexhead and Camhead have the best tankbag in the history of tankbags. The Wetheads don't.
    At some point you could get 10 amps through the standard ISO 4165 sockets on Hexheads and Camheads. Back to just 5 on Wetheads.
    It's easier to service clutch on Wetheads, but much, much more difficult to service alternator.
    Kent Christensen
    '12 R1200RT, '02 R1100S

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