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Ursula with mew chrome pipes
Hey Rangerreece,

Looks "very" nice! Two questions: First, are those just new factory headers or something aftermarket? That's one thing I wish BMW's wouldn't do is discolor the chrome near the cylinder. I know it's very common and I don't really worry about it but it sure looks better while it's still shiny! Second, is that the original windshield? The reason I ask is because of the difference in shape but I'm not sure if that's just a difference in year models? I've still got the original on mine. I added the Laminarlip to it and am amazed at the difference it made but I'm still considering going for something a little taller. If I could find something a couple inches taller and then put the Laminarlip on top of that, I think it would be perfect. We'll see!

Ride Safe,
Steve R.