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Thread: R1200RT won't start Intermittent (2007)

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    Exclamation R1200RT won't start Intermittent (2007)

    Every once in a while when I turn the key nothing happen totally blank no lights nothing. I check everything seems fine then I turn the key and everything works .very frustrating tracking down this gremlin. Any advise ??? Please help

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    Hey there! Hang on...I'll transfer this post into the Hexhead/Camhead forum. This forum is for help on forum software issues. So, look for your post and some answers in the other forum area soon.
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    I guess the first thing I would check is the battery connections. From there, the interlock switches- side stand and clutch. If you seldom use your kill switch, you can check that as well.
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    +1 on the battery connections. I had this symptom on my old R1200GS and that's what it turned out to be.
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    Positive thoughts on pun intended.

    If not, this thread discusses a few things. Your particular year model range has seen it's share of the ignition switch module below the key failing. There is a parts fiche shot in one of the posts. Have changed a few out on 05-09's. Look at post #4, part #2

    A bad connection mimics the switch failure at times, easy is the battery connection clean up to try first as mentioned
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