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Thread: DC/N. VA area to WB

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    DC/N. VA area to WB

    Planning on leaving the 9th and taking it easy, 300-400 miles a day, no interstates. Anybody wanna hook up? Also, any rooms available to share? Everybody seems sold out.

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    I may be interested in riding w you. With me will be my 20 year old son riding his own bike, my 18 yr old will be w me on my bike, and my wife would be on her bike.
    Part of the appeal of your thread is in taking back roads and not pushing it. My wife is a new rider and does get intimidated by major highways. I want her to enjoy riding for future trips. Anyway, 300 - 400 miles a day is perfect. I live in DC.

    I can't confirm to all this but the odds look very favorable. If my wife chickens out, she can drive the car and the rest of us can ride.

    Lets stay in touch. Doug

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