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Thread: Welcome!

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    ...coming back toward the light!

    After a year of severe seller's remorse because I sold my "08 GSA (w/only 20k) I will be buying a 2010 RT this weekend. I bought a Gold Wing in an effort to keep the wife as comfortable as possible but I just could not do it.

    Any way the year hiatus has now given me a new motor to learn!

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    I just purchased a 2011 R1200R. After I sold my '07 R1200GS, I needed to replace the feeling of a BMW again. I reall like the new bike. I will add pictures soon.

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    Not quite there, but it's all in the works for next spring ( GSA )....M109R rider now and have to be happy with BMW demo days and my trips to Arizona were I always rent a GS. I am truely envious of you all but quite happy to read all the encouraging threads about how happy everyone is with their machines.

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    Smile just saying hi!

    Proud owner of a 2012 R1200r. I had a k100 back in the 90's, that was fun ride. Great forum seems to have a lot of traffic which i hope to have contribution!

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    Hello all, just signed up. R12RT from NM!

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    Replaced the 98 R1100RT with a 2011 the difference. I just love the boxer look.

    I did look at the competing bikes, while they were cheaper on the initial purchase when it came to maintaining their resale value BMW had it hands down. Maintenance expenses appeared to be about the same (dealer wise).

    My HD friend just had a voltage regulator and rear tire replaced - $650. Wow

    I do not believe I will ever consider owning a different brand.

    New to the forum after staying cloaked for a while.

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    Man, what a noob am I...! I guess I fall into this group and didn't know it 'cause I just got my 1st BMW (2012 R1200R) on May 5. Why did I wait so long?


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    I bought a 2012 R1200RT about 2 months ago. I have been riding bikes of every flavor for the last 46 years (since age 8) but this is my first BMW. I can't believe I waited this long ....

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    Hi all,
    I guess I am a bit of a noob as I just acquired a new to me 08 GS, my first BMW. I have been an MOA member for a while now as I ride with a group of Beemer riders up here in BC. We kid each other back and forth as my main ride is a ST1300 Honda (love that bike). I went to the rally in Redmond with the idea I was going to ride the 800 GS as I had almost saved enough to buy one. I then promptly wrecked my ST 1100 (I loved that bike) at a STOC event. So replaced the ST with another ST and it has been until now that I finally had the coin to get the Beemer. Why the 1200 GS? Not sure, mainly an impulse buy as it was a reasonable price for a well farkled bike. I have never really liked my buddies 1200 RT when I have ridden it being a 4 cylinder guy, but the GS is a different animal, nimble, lots of scoot, runs out is fuel when the gauge shows full!! The ST might be gathering a bit of dust this summer.
    Canoe BC

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    Back again

    Bought a '78 R100S in '79 and sold it 2 years ago when I thought i was done with motorcycling. Always had a serious sport bike to go with it and sold that too. Wrong! So early this summer I bought a '05 R1200ST. Love it, but since I need both knees replaced it kind of raises hell with them. Good to be back on a Beemer.

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    Newbie in da House!!

    I am here and I am a beem-liever!! Just bought my 2nd beemer. 1st one was a K 2nd one is an Rimage.jpg

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    I think I'm being hexed

    Not sure if this is the right forum but FWIW I'm looking at moving from an 87 K75S to an 07 R1200R. I've always performed my own maintenance on all my bikes including the K. Is there anything about ABS, ESA or other maintenance items that would prevent me from doing my own maintenance on an R?
    87 K75S, 2013 F800GT

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    how to poast a new thread

    how do I post a new thread.

    2005 R1200gs replace drive shaft Where?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BILLWEIDNER View Post
    how do I post a new thread.

    2005 R1200gs replace drive shaft Where?
    Just click on the forum section you are interested in like Hexhead/Camhead or Campfire and you will see a page of threads.
    In the upper left hand corner there will be a "button"- post new thread. You can enter the title and off you go just like you posted here.
    Good luck.
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    Hello all.

    MOA member for 15 years, first post here today...

    Recently retired to New Mexico. Ride an '11 R1200GS

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