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    Question midnight arrival

    I am wondering if someone mans the gate all night.Not that I'm planing on getting there in the middle of the night.I'm about three hours away and can go Thursday after work or go Friday morning early.I have been weighing the pros and cons of both.I'm up at 4A.M. for work so it would be a long day if I went Thursday.But then I would be there.

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    Yes - the gates will be manned 24 hours a day. If you happen to arrive after registration is closed, you will need to hand over your driver's license to the gate person.

    You will then be allowed to enter, with the promise that you will head over to registration first thing in the morning to register and retrieve your license.

    This will be an easier process if you are on a bike. Folks in cars and RVs will have more srutiny.
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