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Thread: In the market for a used RT - need advice

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    Try an RT-P

    Quote Originally Posted by dvandkq View Post
    What should I be looking for?

    Any years and/or options I should avoid?

    Since these bikes last forever, I think I'm willing to accept some miles and some years in exchange for a lower price - but how old should I go before I run into the risk of having to spend a lot of money renewing parts as they wear out instead of simply enjoying a reliable bike?
    As far as low price, you can't beat an RT-P. You can pick up an 02 for around 7k and an 01 or older for around 5k. I've got a 2000 model, and an 02. I've been very happy with both of them. One nice thing is people don't seem to pull out in front of you as much.
    Here's a link for a Rear Seat conversion if you get one.

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    Good luck !

    There were no used RTs anywhere in KC in May.

    Ended up paying way more for a leftover 2006 - but these are great bikes !

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