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Thread: Xplore event up in the ADKs...With XC...WOW

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    Xplore event up in the ADKs...With XC...WOW

    Had a blast up at the Xplor event within Americade this past week.
    -Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Rodeo, Jimmy Lewis instructions and bikes to ride and I mean ride-

    The first day I Got to take my GS on the course. AKA: "20 mins up the road and thru the woods from the house..."
    Second day I got to demo the XChallange.
    From about 9am (after the hour of Jimmy Lewis instruction) we got to take the bikes out till ~2pm or so with a break for lunch.

    To give you an idea of how we rode that day...

    I followed an Xplor dude that was a former " I believe" (Yam a hopper) MX test rider and a "fellow" from BMW that I would say had me bested by 15 years or so, -and I rode this thing like the Suk RM250 to try and keep up. The three of us where waiting for the rest of the pack at the end of each check point. The next closest rider was about 30-40 seconds behind us at each check point.

    The suspension adjustment was outta' wack for me. I believe the bikes where set up for a 180lb rider. "Me is ~210"...Still, even outta' the box settings where pretty darn' good! I heard an HP rider say that the harder you push the air suspension the more you notice its limitations. He had an Ohlins system installed. But I think this guy was a really serious rider. Granted, it was the first time I was on the XC, it wasn't mine (I'm really skid dish about riding others peoples bikes) -so hitting the limits of this suspension was not going to happen that day...Though I tried...

    I noticed that what I was doing the day before on the GS at ~25-30MPH and bottoming out -on the XC it was 45-55MPH on the single track stuff, never hitting bottom. Topped off at ~65-68MPH on some long open sandy straights. "mate the tank" and the front stuck, no wash.

    On the road had no problem hitting ~70MPH in the turns on (I wanna say that they where Mich Desert tires. or they where the Metzler Karoos?- MAXBMW swapped them out for this event)...Never a white knuckle moment to be had on these sneakers...

    NO lag in throttle response. I could not (at first) believe this was the same motor. It revved almost like a MX bike, quick, instant.
    Power band was very wide, seemed to pull from very low to screaming.
    Front end up in 1st or 2nd - no issues. Sometimes not on purpose @!@#$
    Same olde' "where the heck is neutral"...
    An almost 100 lbs "diet" could be felt, -after you got "comfortable" in the saddle.

    This is a very close mirrored image of a MX / Enduro bike.
    We had people, taller than me (5'10" with 31" inseam) falling over at intersections and while trying to get on and off...I give them a lot of credit, some had little if no off road experience. Either that or they where crazy!

    Once on -you have a view that only a 18 wheeler could best.

    Now is this a replacement for the GS?
    Ahhh NO. These are two totally different machines.

    After the ~5 hours, when I got back on the GS to ride home, I could not believe how comfortable that Dakar seat was! How plush the ride. No more complaining for me!

    Can I see Panniers strapped to the side of these things, hitting events days away? No.

    Can I see a huge tail pack filled with exactly what you need for a full weekend of extreme dual sport riding? Yes.

    My lingering question, could I swap, or get a more comfortable seat that would at least let me commute while still being more biased toward the off road ? (~80-90 miles per day). I don't know.

    But I'm kinda' hoping its possible...Time to Xplor the options!


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    Stand by! Lots of pictures of training after Americade is over. This year's edition of Americade has been great even if the weather has not cooperated.

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    Hey Paul,
    I'm glad you where there snapping pics...
    This year I was determined to ride only, no down time for pulling the shutter...

    Another rider strapped a vid camera to his bike during parts of the run and posted them up on youtube.


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