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Thread: 1987 K75c

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    1987 K75c

    Help needed!

    Am fighting with my not so wonderful insurance company over damages done to my 1987 K75C. They think that at 128,000 miles, my bike is o-l-d and worthless.

    Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has sold a K75 with 80,000 plus miles on it and what you sold it for.

    Am also looking for any verification as to what came stock on the '87 K75C. I know that luggage and windshield weren't stock; my insurance company has other ideas.

    Would also like to hear from those of you who have bikes with 100,000 plus miles on it and if it's still going strong.

    I can be reached at:

    Thanks-I'm new at this forum, so pls. excuse any errors.


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    Any running bike is worth $2000. If they aren't offering you that, buy the carcass and part the thing out.

    And if your 128K-mile speedo is still functional, its worth $500 by itself for instant street cred.
    Jon Diaz
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    When you say worthless what do you mean? I can understand that almost any claim will total the bike because it's at an age where parts are worth more than the bike. Heck, if I leave my helmet and riding suit on my K75 it doubles the value of the bike. I agree with the $2,000 figure. See if you can find any completed auctions for one. An '87 with under 20K may fetch 3,000, but 80K is still a hard sell - despite its "value" to you.

    Let us know how things turn out, I'm certainly curious! My '87 K75CT has 74K.
    Gail Hatch
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    Well, I have a 1988 K75C that I purchased a couple of months ago. the bike sat for 17 year in California and the owner lived in Orlando. He had the bike at his sister's house and when he visited once a year, he would put about 5,000 miles in about 10 days. He did this for 17 years until he rode it from California to Florida and then he kept it in a garage for a year and sold it to me for peanuts. I had to fix the frozen fuel pump and recently the key switch and some minor cosmetics. The bike to this day runs like a champ. Just the other day, JDiaz adviced me that my oil pump has a leak and needs rebuilding. Not sure how serious this is or how lond can or should I ride it like that and continue adding oil once a week. So far, it seems to be running every bit as new...or so I would guess. I saw a 1989 K75 in Atlanta BMW and they were asking $3,500. I remember feeling like I had a great deal when I purchase mine for only $1000. The bike has just over 100,000 miles. I believe it has an expected 50,000 miles left on the engine and little less in the transmission. So I was told.

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    high mileage K bikes

    I have 134,000 + miles on this k100lt. Figure its worth at least 2500 bucks. That is if I sell it. However I really don't plan to. I have seen K100RT at 400,000 miles!
    However most have had 200,000+ at different rallies.

    Value here of course is much higher than the world of insurance and money related. I have seen on craigslist a early 90's k75 with only 10K on it going for $2500! Or we all like to look at the flea market and check out those prices by people who KNOW how durable these bikes are!

    Buy the bike from the insurance company. Find a better company like bikeline or BMW moa approved companies...

    tim lindstrom

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    A year and a half ago, my 1990 K75 was in an accident and the repairs where enough the insurance company (Progressive) wanted to total the bike. It was in "good" condition for it's age/mileage (57,000) and they offered me $3,800. I bought it back for $550 and got it back on the road for considerably less than the shop repair estimate.
    Greg Feeler
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    Bought my running 1991 K75 last March for $2100.00 with 53k miles. Buy it back.
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