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    Michael, the stop in Charleston for the MOA National Rally will just be one part of a much longer Eastern US trip we're taking. On a longer trip like this, my wife and I prefer to travel in our small motor home. Will any arrangements be made for those of us with RVs?
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    Yes, there will be parking for RVs located nearby the U of C. Leo Karnes and Carol Anger will be posting an article to the web pages shortly with details.
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    Here is the scoop on RV

    From Leo Karnes & Carol Anger:

    We will have virtually unlimited space for RV's this year in the parking lot of the Watt Powell Park. This is the home of the Charleston Alleycats baseball team. The lot is level, obstruction free, paved but there are NO electrical, water or sewer hookups so there will be no additional rally charge for RV camping. The parking lot is located directly to the west of the ballpark. Turn south from MacCorkle Ave. on to South Park Rd and enter to your left.

    Reminder, with no hookups you must arrive with your fresh water tank full, black and gray empty and your generator in good working order with the exhaust directed up and over your neighbors.

    See y'all in wild wonderful West Virginia.

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