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Thread: More tire questions/opinions

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    More tire questions/opinions

    Looking for opinions on replacement tires for my Rockster. My bike originally came with the Bridgestone 020's which I really liked for the gripiness/handling aspect. Replaced at 5500 miles due to cupping on the front tire with Pirelli Diablo Stada, replaced the set by the way. The Pirelli's never handled as well in my opinion, and now at 10,500 miles the rear is starting to look squared off in the center, similar to the cupping of the first set. I live in a city, and only ride on paved roads, although sometimes out in the country, but always paved. I am considering the Conti Road Attacks, but also wondering if the new Bridgestone 021's would be a worthy successor to the 020's? Looking to get back to great handling, but would like a set to last 5k-6k miles. Opinions and/or actual experience please.

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    I'm pleased w/ pilot roads from the little french fat guy .. I'm on my 3rd set..R1150r & getting around 7k mi. per set I like to think I ride on the slightly aggressive side..I know they are carrying an above average load especialy when I've got all my camping stuff ..also I've found Michliens to be one of the easiest tires to mount & dismount & use very little lead @ the balancer!!!

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    My R12ST came with Metzler Z6's; great tires. Changed them at about 8500mi (which was a bit excessive). My second (current) set is Continental Conti-force, and I've got about 7500 on those. They will be coming off soon. The Conti's have proven excellent in the corners (better than the Metz, IMHO) with about the same wear.
    I am going to try the Pilot Roads next, since I have heard so many great things about them.
    My riding is mostly commuting; about 70-30 road vs. twisty.

    Hope this helps.

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    Michelin Anakee's

    GREAT rain tire and does pretty darn good on gravel roads if you ever have occassion to traverse those as well.
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