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Thread: Wisconsin State Tutorial

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    Wisconsin State Tutorial

    Posted on behalf of Tom VanHorn, from Madison Wisconsin.... who can't seem to figure out how to log onto the forum.

    For all you upcoming visitors to Wisconsin/Ouisconsin/Meskousing/Badger State:

    To assist in your getting around, some of us locals y'know dere thought we'd offer a short tutorial on some of the things found on the state map.

    The first Europeans to infest the place were French [Jean Nicolet arrived at the foot of Green Bay wearing Chinese silks, sure he was in the Orient. He didn't ask directions either. So, French and mangled native names are pretty common, and often hard to wrap your tongue around.

    So, how 'bout a chance to impress the locals when asking directions?
    Choose the one best answer.

    1) Oconomowoc (town, Waukesha county)
    a) Oh-ko-NO-moe-walk
    b) Oh-CON-oh-moe-walk
    c) On-account-a-WHAT?

    2) Chequamegon (forest and bay up nort' dere)
    a) Check-wa-MEE-gun
    b) Sha-WAH-mi-gun
    c) Shi-CAH-go

    3) Muscoda (river town, Grant county)
    a) Muss-KO-duh
    b) MUS-kuh-day
    c) MUSS-el-SHOALs

    4) Lac Court Oreilles (flowage and reservation, again up nort')
    a) Lack-cort-o'riles
    b) La-COO-duh-ray
    c) Lack-curds-O'Reilly

    5) Namekagon (lake and river up nort')
    a) Nuh-ME-cage-in
    b) Nah-muh-KAH-gun
    c) La-Crosse

    6) Manitowoc (lake Michigan port)
    a) Munny-toe-wick
    b) MAN-ih-toe-walk
    c) Man-t'woc, dere

    Place your test sheets in front when completed. No help from youse locals.
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    Hahahahaha. I'd say "c" for all of them. Makes things more interesting...
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    Don't forget...

    Dont forget Theresa:

    a)ter-ee-sa (as in Mother Theresa)

    b)ther-e-sa (as in Solomon Juneau's Daughter)

    c)widmer's cheese (as in the best Brick cheese in the world)

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    i christmas treed the test... how'd i do, eh?

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    Having grown up in Alabama, I can assure you that Mussel Shoals in nowhere near Grant county. Except for that one, I answered C for all as well.

    And I can't wait to get up there and start asking directions and collecting those oh-so-precious stares that say, "you're not from 'round here, are ya?" as if there was something I could do about that fact. I'll smile proudly and hope to learn something.
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    Dang, I'll limit my requests for directions to Garmin. (Gah-min)
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