Went to fo see Phil tonight at Mountain Jam in the beautiful Catskill Mtns.... on the way home at 12 am it poured and poured and .....well you get the idea.

I have an HJC Sy Max helmet and always in the rain after about a minute I have lots of water on the inside of the face shield and it's down right dangerous at night when the glare of lights hit me.

I wear glasses, I rode most of the way home with my face shield flipped up just above the rim of my glasses to have the best visibility, that works for about 1/2 hour till i have to clean off my glasses.

All three of my helmets have had this problem, is it part of riding in the rain or is there some way to keep the inside drop free and maintain visibilty? I haven't had good luck with rain x. I've thought of taping the face shield but can't do that with glasses and a flip up.

Help! please.....