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Thread: Beautiful Lake Photos Here

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    Beautiful Lake Photos Here

    Here's a couple beautiful Lake Photos I took this year while touring on my bikes.

    This photo was taken in May 2008 at the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

    This photo was taken at Crater Lake, Oregon in May 2008. Note: 1/2 of the mountains are actually a reflection in the water.

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    You certainly ride in beautiful countryside. Hope that the snow wasn't on the roads. Thank you for sharing.
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    very nice shots indeed.

    May I suggest that you look at the way you are coding your images, I note that they always have two sets of [img] tags. remover the outer set and you won't constantly have those extra set showing up around each image.

    If the site your using to share your photo's have the option to generate the url tags for sharing for your images on forums like this, if so, then simply cut and paste that into the editor and do not use the img tag option in the forum editor.


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    Wow, I was going to post some of mine, but your's blew mine out of the water!

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    Thanks for the advice on the IMG. The copy and paste works great.

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    Here's a couple shots from a trip last June on the ALCAN. This is Muncho Lake in the far Northeastern corner of British Columbia.

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    Outstanding, you must have one as your wallpaper and stare at it all day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenk View Post
    Thanks for the advice on the IMG. The copy and paste works great.
    you're more than welcome and again, outstanding photos!


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    Stop that, you are killing me.

    Just kidding of course. What a great selections of photos. You are obviously very accomplished as a photographer.

    Thanks for sharing pictures of places we wish we could visit but might never get there.

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    Thanks for the compliments. After you return from a trip, all you have left is the photos and the memories. I have found over the years a good photo helps to relive the moment.

    Here's a photo of my bike parked next the snow bank I had to climb to see Crater Lake, Oregon. Note: I am in an authorized parking spot.

    Here's another shot of Jackson Lake at Grand Teton National Park.

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    Smile Beautiful Lake Pic

    In the Mountains near Idaho and Montana; The reason I ride a BMW GS
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    ... in our trip to West Bend...

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    Another of Mucho Lake

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    ...and then there's the other side of the country...

    Garnet Lake Sunrise

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