And where the heck has Mike The Bike been?

MTB is convalescing at an undisclosed location. He is recovering from a nervous breakdown suffered at the hands of you shameless harridans who pilloried and ridiculed him at every turn. It was his devoted spouse, the illustrious "Princess" who literally rescued MTP from total madness and self destruction by soothingly reassuring him the callous comments witnessed on this forum were merely the jealous prattlings of impotent,ill mannered, liberal leaning louts who failed to recognize his genius. She also vowed to clean his weapons each and every weekend while he was "away." It was only on this basis that he allowed the attendants to slip on his Aerostich Touring Jacket with the long wrap around arms and straps on the back for that long ride down the Blue Ridge Highway to the Rest Home.
MTB isn't allowed to use the internet right now. The staff are afraid that he might inadvertently stumble into the Forum resulting in a catastrophic PTSD reaction and consequent relapse.

I hope that yall are happy now. Yall just weakened our country.....

That is all,

Gen. Jack D. Ripper (US Army ret.)