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Thread: Textile protective gear in small sizes?

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    Textile protective gear in small sizes?

    My Son has been a vegetarian for about 2 years now and loves to ride with his father. The problem is he REALLY doesn't like to wear leather gloves and jacket. With my daughter I was able to find small sized leather gloves and jackets as she grew older... worked well.

    Anyway, anybody know where I could find some gear that would fit my 10.5 year?

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    Vegan gloves

    My Joe Rocket mesh gloves have less leather and fit my very small hands. I measure about 1/2 inch below the small mark in the Aerostitch catalogue. On page 51 in the newest catalogue, they have vegan gloves! A possibility for when he gets older. What about ski gloves? They should be very much on sale this time of year and most of them are textile. Probably unbearably hot, though. Have you tried bicycle shops?


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    Aerostich will make textile jackets and suits in any size - custom made to the exact measurements of the rider.
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    I can't believe I didn't think Aerostitch. I will look into it. I hate to spend a lot on a kid that can only wear this stuff for a single season though. Dang, they grow fast.

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