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Thread: get title to my sport bike?

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    get title to my sport bike?

    How do I get a good Virginia state title to the now running Honda CBR 600 1996 model yr.? I went through the VA system and they turned my junk title down (now I know I should have just given them the VIN #). A VA state trooper/inspector looked at the bike and said it was good but the state office in Richmond turned it down (they checked it is not stolen). All the title companies won't do anything newer than 1987.
    Looks like I just need someone in a state that accepts bills of sale instead of having to have a title, to sell me my bike (bill of sale) then I can take this to the VA DMV and they by law must accept and give me a title.
    Anyway I have a parts bike with good title and I'm about to swap the stuff though it is sure a waste of time because I would be swapping to a worse frame and front end and almost everything....
    (I ride a R1100R 2000 year when I'm not searching for a title)

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    Forgery. Just make a bill of sale. have a friend sign a made-up name on it. I'm sure nobody will check.
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