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Thread: Aftermarket high-beam

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    Aftermarket high-beam

    I had posted this earlier in the oilhead forum, probubly better placed here...

    I am attempting to increase my night-time safety and viability, IE: trying to avoid the deer‘«™ I have been considering adding on some aux lighting like the PIAA 1100‘«÷s. First, I thought that I would just upgrade the high-beam bulb to one of PIAA‘«÷s aftermarket H3 extreme white or super plasma bulbs. Save some $, ease of installation, etc. I am also one who likes to avoid a lot of aftermarket add-ons‘«™

    I would appreciate any advice from those who have experience with those particular bulbs. Where there any problems with power consumption / fuses, etc? And also were you satisfied with the increased night-time visibility, or was the night lighting about the same as the factory bulb?


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    high beam


    I just received a bi - xenon HID system which I ordered from Xenon Depot in Ontario, Canada, for my '02 1150 RS. This is a xenon system with a low and high beam capsule that is H4 compatible, so you are not faced with having to install auxiliary lights for high beam. I intend to report back after my tech installs it.

    Paul Glaves did an installation write up on two systems he acquired from Xenon Depot in a recent edition of the News, but these had mono beam capsules.

    If the RT is as light challenged as the RS is, it should be a worthwhile mod.


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