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There's too much to see and do.....
I had a very detailed plan last year, my first rally of any kind, of all the seminars I wanted to attend. Didn't leave much time for riding, but had one planned with some fellow Chromeheads for Friday morning. Didn't know anyone going in.

Then I got there, met a bunch of really nice folks. Experienced Rider Course, 2 demo rides, worked Beer Garden twice and shift in Registration. Looking at all the bikes and talking to my new BMW family members alomost kept me out of the vendor area. The exhibit highlight for me was Peter Nettesheim's fantastic collection and the other great classic bikes on display.

A great time, but be flexible in your plans and expectations. There will probably be more to do than you are able to, and a lot to do that you hadn't even thought of. And that will make you want to come back to Wyoming next year.

Oh yeah, I didn't make it to a single seminar!

Sorry I'll miss this year, wish I could be there. Looking forward to pictures and Wyoming!