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Thread: First rally anticipation

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    From MARS

    First rally anticipation

    This will be my first rally. Aside from meeting a bunch of what seem to be really nice people, I am looking forward to having all of the suppliers in one place.

    I live in the middle of nowhere, and trying to find a decent selection of gear to peruse/try on is hard. If any suppliers read this, bring some "small" sizes. I'll have my credit card and fairly empty luggage when I arrive. Hopefully, I can come home with the bags full of new toys.

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    and UPS is on site in case you get carried away!!
    Gail Hatch
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    Me, too

    This will also be my first rally.

    Now that I know for sure that you are bringing your credit card, I can leave mine at home.
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    Talking And yet another First-Timer...

    ...who's fired up about the whole adventure! From my ride from Arkansas to rally camping and events to rides / explorations and meeting a whole bunch of fun people, I can't wait! See you at the beer tent!!!

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    Unhappy Can't find the park on the map

    Well, this is my first rally also. As a matter of fact, this is my first BMW.
    My wife and I are planning to go but I can't find the Washington county Park on the map. I live in Winneconne so it's not far away for me. Once I get to West Bend I'm sure if I follow some other bikes I'll find it.

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    Another newbie ready for his first rally too. I've been lurking around here for a few years and decided to pull the trigger today and join the MOA. In order to get a flavor what a rally is like I volunteered for the 8:00am - 12:00pm shift in registration Thursday morning. Sounds like it's going to be a great, great time.

    I'm riding in from West Des Moines, IA and plan to arrive Wednesday P.M. Definitely looking forward to it!

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    From MARS

    Smile I'll be broke

    I'm going up early to help set up. Between the party Wednesday night and all the gear I need, better bring your credit card so we don't have to wash dishes 'cause I'll be too broke to even pay attention.
    Hey M,
    When are you leaving Arkansas? If you are going up early, look for me on the roads less traveled. I'll be the prairie hick on a maroon K12RS with Kansas plates.

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    Talking Leaving Monday...

    I'll ride at least a half day, hoping cover some miles through the backroads of Arkansas and Missouri. I expect to arrive at the rally by mid-afternoon on Wednesday, then signed up to do at least one shift at the beer tent! If I miss you on the roads (Silver '03 RT w/Arkansas plates!), I hope to meet everyone at the Wednesday night party! Ride safe!

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    The Wisconsin National will be my 18th MOA National. My first one was at Table Rock, SC in 1974, it was the second MOA National Rally and my first trip on my motorcycle. Each rally has been unique and memorable, and the adventures getting to and from the sites have provided unlimited stories. I have enjoyed each and every National Rally that I have attended (although the '81 National @ Hurricane Mills, TN might stretch the definition of "enjoyed" a bit). The people I see only at Nationals, the new tech goodie that you now have to put on the bike,the true sense of a party and a celebration of something we all love, they all combine to create an experience that you find that you need to repeat every year. Beware folks, National Rallies ARE addictive!

    Newbies (aka: Rally Virgins), try to envision this: A state fair of BMW motorcycles, mixed with a music festival with camping, smothered with numerous vendors and spiced by BMW test rides. OK, let that image sit in your mind for a couple of months...

    I'll be Head Bartender @ the Beer Tent on Wed. and Sat. nights Volunteers are welcomed and encouraged. This thing runs on the shoulders of the volunteers!
    Onward, through the fog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldurnil View Post
    Well, this is my first rally also. As a matter of fact, this is my first BMW.
    My wife and I are planning to go but I can't find the Washington county Park on the map. I live in Winneconne so it's not far away for me. Once I get to West Bend I'm sure if I follow some other bikes I'll find it.

    65 miles. Lucky guy.
    Sig? What's a Sig?

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    Last year's National rally was my first rally of any kind. Since then, I've attended two much smaller rallys, and I'll be heading to Wisconsin this summer. Each rally has been great. Don't sit around your tent all day. Get out and meet people. Don't be shy about approaching folks and introducing yourself. You'll find the vast majority of folks are fantastic people and have a love for motorcycling like you. Spend some $$ at the vendors, eat some good food, drink some good beverage, listen to some music and ride the local roads. Volunteers make the rallys run. Consider volunteering a shift or two. I'll be in registration on Thursday from noon to 4:00, and I'll probably do another shift somewhere else as well. At a local rally last fall I volunteered in the kitchen and worked a shift serving meals. What a great way to get to see everyone there. Bottom line, rallys are a great time. Have fun and enjoy yourself. See you in 40 days!
    Tim Hebert
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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by ldurnil View Post
    Well, this is my first rally also. As a matter of fact, this is my first BMW.
    My wife and I are planning to go but I can't find the Washington county Park on the map. I live in Winneconne so it's not far away for me. Once I get to West Bend I'm sure if I follow some other bikes I'll find it.
    There will be so many BMW riders in the neighborhood, you'll find there's a bi-i-i-ig discussion on this forum and in the mag' about whether or not to wave within a 100 mi radius of the Nat'l. You're gonna have a riot. There's too much to see and do. Get familiar w the paperwork they hand out; ie sched's and stuff. It's ez to get overwhelmed, or involved in something really good, and off on some tangent and miss the event you really reallyreally wanted to participate in. For me it's always been the bikes. You'll see some rigs you never dreamed of; good bad and ugly. Rigs that'll make you snort-laff and some that'll make your mouth water. Enjoy. Ok. and 6000 or so friendly BMW people.
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    I began volunteering at the second National I ever attended, and haven't stopped yet. What the good Reverend says is true, and then some. It's a state fair, it's a family reunion with folks you didn't know were your relatives. A handshake and a smile go a long way, after a while hugs and kisses aren't unusual. The biggest "sin" is going and thinking you'll not have a good time because you won't know anybody. Volunteer for a shift somewhere, you'll meet a lot of people. Rev and I have been doing the beer garten thing for years, and although it can be a lot of work, it's a hoot! I enjoy meeting everybody, seeing old friends and new. Look me up, or better yet, volunteer for a shift in the beer tent, I'll be working Thursday and Friday, and some on Wednesday too. We've even got a shift of Forum Folks on Friday from 4-8pm. Join us! Plus I'll have to see what other trouble I can stay out of.

    Looking forward to seeing everybody there!
    F.O.G.Rider, Rounder #6,
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    From MARS

    getting there

    This rally experience has already begun for me. The planning and becoming part of this unseen community of likeminded adventurers brings out the kid in me. What a great feeling! Its easy to see why so many of you do year after year.

    I can see the logic in calling us newbies "rally virgins". Just like sex, there is only one first time, and we never forget it. And, just like sex, once you've done it once, there's no sense in stopping now.

    BTW Iduruil, I had a t-shirt once that said, "The shortest distance between two points is BORING." Think about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjbmw View Post
    Actually, I think I'm the lucky one. I get to ride my bike 1200 miles from Texas. What could be better than a few days off of work and riding to a great rally?
    Mike White
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