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Thread: Gamin C320 on a twin

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    Gamin C320 on a twin

    Hi all I have a Garmin C320 That I use in my car here in Australia, but when I come over for the Rally I would like to buy a USA Map SD Card and bolt it to the bars under the screen via a Ram Mount. I know they aren't water proof but I might have a K or a R to use while I'm there...Has any body done this before I 'm a little worried about the vibrations. Thanks in advance i can be contacted direct on

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    At various times I've had a III, III+, V, Streetpilot, Streetpilot III, and 276C - all Garmin units. All were/have been mounted using the RAM system and vibration has never been an issue on any of them.

    I suspect the C320 is internally just as robust as the rest of the Garmin lineup. I wouldn't worry about it. But keep it in out of the rain.
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    just remember, if it's not waterproof, it's not dust proof either

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