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Thread: Have you ever owned a VW Beetle?

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    My first VW was a '57 Beatle convertible with a 36 hp engine. It would go 80 mph downhill with a tail wind and max out at 35 mph uphill with a head wind. I had a type three notchback for a short while, purchaced at a government sale. it had been an undercover CID car. My last VW, bought new in Belgium was a 72 Camper. I traveled all over Europe and the US in that van. I still miss it


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    Speaking of VW Bugs and the speed thereof, I had a customer in the store yesterday and she has a new Bug that has a turbo. She was relating that she regularly drives it over 90 mph and that her husband had the bug flying at over 107 mph recently. She didn't know his top speed as she was not with him at the time and took a "don't ask, don't tell" policy towards it.
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    This oughta stir up a few memories. I learned SO much from working on my beetles and this book.

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    I had several VW Bugs. My first was a 1962 Sea Blue/Seeblau VW Bug complete with sunroof. While the styling of most every other automobile of the era changed dramatically every year, the Bugs stayed faithful to the genius of the Ferdinand Porsche and Erwin Komenda designed "People's Car" -- with the remarkable Bug color palette being one of the few variables.

    Sea Blue/Seeblau

    VW Bugs evolved over time. My 1962 Bug had several improvements that year: a boost from 36 to 40 horsepower and a fuel gauge verses a reserve petcock lever. I laugh when people complain about accuracy of their R1200RT fuel gauge.

    My father was a WWII fighter pilot in the Pacific. He loved the sound of the air-cooled, VW boxer engine, and would become almost wistful at its sound.

    I had that Bug for over 150,000 miles. Whenever the engine need to be tweaked, a group of us who owned Bugs would get together, share tools, and work on several engines over the course of a weekend. The VW Bug served as an introduction to German engineering for many Americans. Boxers rule!

    These cars were a blast to drive. Out of necessity, I once drove that '62 Bug the entire distance from Norfolk, VA to New England with a snapped clutch cable. The synchromesh transmission allowed me to shift without a clutch while underway. When I had to stop, I slipped it into neutral. To resume from a stop, I shut off the engine, slipped it into first and then restarted the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldcarkook View Post
    My second car was a '49 VW split window beetle. It had semifores for turn signals, and a whopping 30 hp motor that would get into 3rd going downhill with a tailwind.

    I have regretted many times that I don't still have it. I didn't realize at the time ('69) how rare it was; I think it was the first year that the VW was imported into the US.

    Coulda shoulda woulda
    Charles Lindbergh, the aviator, lived in my hometown in the '60s. He had that exact year VW. Obviously, he could have owned and driven any automobile -- he loved his Bugs and continued to own them through the years.

    He is a link to a historical site and one of Lindbergh's later Bugs.
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    Remembering the VW Beetle

    The wife had our two kids in the back, and our son started complaining that the seat was "hot" "Shut up" he was told. Soon the interior was filled with smoke.
    The (steel) sprung seat had shorted the battery, after the cover was dislodged.
    This must have happened to others.
    An interesting fact - the dune buggy racing guys would often use the 1200cc gearbox (3 speed I think) and rear drive - but mated to fire-breathing V8's and rotary engines - claimed they where unbreakable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BMWRich58 View Post
    Everyone's talking about the "lack of heat" these little cars had.
    I remember "oh so well", to literally having to scrape the Frost off the inside of the windshield from your breath freezing up.
    I found a simple solution to the heat issue. I simply closed the air flaps on the engine air jacket with sheet metal screws in the Fall and reopened them in the Spring. Worked like a charm.

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    have you ever owned a VW bettle

    My first post.

    The first one was a 66 then I moved onto a 68. My first van was a 72. Boy, I loved those vehicles. I spoted this one in lower SC, a 90 camper. If it could talk, the fun I had in that van. I went many years without a VW and just 3mo's ago. I found a the new style bettle 98 TDI, with less than 18k on it. It is a joy to ride, I call it my poor man's "Porsche". I love riding my LT but nothing beats the fun of driving a VW in heavy traffic. Tk's for the chance of re-living the past and good times. MK

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    First car

    Straight out of the Corps, paid $450 for a 1962 blue beetle. Dependable but no heater, sort of like riding my roadster.
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    My Aunt had a Beetle when I was a kid... it was the first stick shift I can recall riding in. I remember it being fun to drive in, but never really considered owning one. Until 2001. The new Beetle had an attraction for me and I grew interested in one. A friend bought the TDI version and while it was nice, it couldn't compare to the pickup of a gas turbo engine (though that 48 MPG the diesel got was rather appealing). I found a beautiful silver one that was a pre-release sport model (which didn't come out until 2002 officially) and couldn't pass it up. It had loads of room (I'm 6'3" tall), got terrific gas mileage (32+MPG), I was single and didn't care about more than 1 passenger, and with a rear spoiler I added, it was really sporty looking. The only trouble I had with it was two ignition coils dying, covered under warranty. Otherwise a great little car. Three years later, I sold it for $2000 less than I paid because demand was still pretty high for them.

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    I had a '65 (same year as me) with a crank sunroof. I like the looks of the older ones with the glass over the headlights. The split windows and big fabric sunroofs were cool too!
    I was driving around town one day and someone coming towards me in the other lane launched a water grenade (a green water balloon shaped like a hand grenade) at me. It hit the lower drivers side windshield shattering it and cutting my knuckles. I never did find the pranksters.
    Anyone else notice if their bikes sound like those old bugs? My 84 R80RT sounds just like what I remember the bug sounded like!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SherpaMayberry View Post
    This oughta stir up a few memories. I learned SO much from working on my beetles and this book.

    So where did you get that fancy full color version of the bible? Mine is black and white and spiral bound. Also quite greasy on most pages and dog eared.
    My first beetle was in '68 when I bought a '61 beetle. No fuel guage, reserve lever on the firewall hump. I put Keystone Mags, 14" Goodyears and of course the adapters for the bolt up. Junior year of high school.
    Our first family car was in '73 when we bought a '68 nine passenger bus. Took many camping trips in Southern California with that one. Couple of years later we had a '72 Super Beetle. Got away from VW's till a few years ago when my wife had two Super Beetles, one was a Turbo. Now she's settled into her new Jetta and loving it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buckeye View Post
    So where did you get that fancy full color version of the bible? Mine is black and white and spiral bound. Also quite greasy on most pages and dog eared.

    Spiral bound, the deluxe edition! Mine fell apart at the binding, plus one chapter (if memory serve, chapter 8?) is all covered in grease. I still have that book somewhere....

    The pic has been lifted from the site.

    I remember running out of gas on my 55 and/or 58. Managed to flip the lever while still going 45+ mph, difficult to do given you have to practically lay on the seats. Started right back up though!

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    I remember seeing that book in stores when I was a kid. I often think of it when I see Aeroflow ads.
    2012 R1200GS

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBasa View Post
    OK, Cliffy made me do it. There's a discussion going on about tools and it turns out a bunch of folks have owned Beetles. The question was posted, "I wonder how many BMW riders have owned a Beetle?"

    So, have you?

    I owned four of them. '68 (which my brother inherited when I moved to California), a '70 which was crunched parked outside of my apartment, a '74 Super Beetle and an auto-stick (can't remember the year wanna say 76 but I don't think thats right). I loved them all with the exception of the auto-stick. I remember the first time I drove it I went to shift from low to high and slammed the brake thinking it was the clutch... I think I still have the VW emblem embossed on my chest

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