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Thread: Have you ever owned a VW Beetle?

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    '66 (i think) Type III. What a piece of junk.
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    Corvair memories

    Someone mentioned a Corvair a couple of posts back. When I was 7 my mom and i moved out to Phoenix AZ from Michigan. She bought a white Corvair Monza with a blue interior.
    During the trip a gas station guy had some fun at our expense. He told my mom that we were going to cross a lot of desert and sold her a heavy canvas water bag to tote water for the radiator in. Mom didn't know from air cooled and hey - I was only 7!
    My grandparents had one of the early "turtle top" VW camper vans. (Highly unusual for my Grandpa from Detroit who was a Buick man and worked in the Auto industry to buy a German vehicle in the late 60's.)
    They used to come out to AZ camping in their turtle top. It was a great little set up with a stove and sink - heaven for this boy.

    Gotta say this is one reason I enjoy this forum so much. The comments of others trigger memories that make me smile - thanks for letting me rattle on.....
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    I had a '71 beetle - green outside, black in (frickin' hot in summer). My parents never told me about changing oil - never changed it in something like two years (I then sold it). Damn thing didn't care. I'm now somewhat anal about changing my oil

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    Acrually, the heaters in Beetles were quite good if kept in adjustment. There was a lot of difference in the way American service practices were as opposed to European standards. Typically, if the engine came out of a beetle for a clutch job or something, the mechanic didn't even hook up the heater cables. Or, if they did, they never adjusted them. Any cable will stretch, and eventually, when the heater was put full on, the cables didn't completely actuate the flap that would divert the air into the interior. Of course, if the heater channels rusted through, alot of the heated air blew outside, but that's a different matter. I always got the ones that were already rusted, so the first thing I did was to plug up the holes so the hear would come inside, then crawl under the car and jam the flaps full on for the winter.

    One of the recommended procedures in Europe (my friend's grandfather owned a dealership in Switzerland) was: every spring, you'd bring the car to the dealership and the whole interior was removed right down to the floorpan and the car would be aired out with the doors open for a couple of days. All of my beetles rusted from the inside out insofar as the floorpans went.

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    1969 powder puff blue Karman Ghia Convertible - had a 12 volt hairdryer to defrost the windows.
    Also a non discript type 3 wagon
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    What no most of the above option?

    '69 with a sun roof, 68 convertable, a bus - don't remember the year, one of them P cars, my ex took our tricked out 98 and trashed it when we split.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Dabbs View Post
    Acrually, the heaters in Beetles were quite good if kept in adjustment.
    As long as you were moving! The engine fan was all that moved the air if you were idling. Consequently it didn't work so well.
    Porsche, OTOH, added an electri fan that actuated automatically when the heater boxes were opened up to "full". I could use my 911 as a sauna if Iwanted to, about 3 min. after the engine fired up!

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    67 Bug

    Dark Blue

    Had the 1500cc engine, 12v electrics. Put on an extractor exhaust and new jets in the carbs and it was quick for a bug.

    Drove it cross country when I was 19 and traded it for a Yamaha in San Diego.

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    My first car was a '66 Bug and my brother had a '65. When he went to college, I had both.

    It had the BIG 1300 cc, 50 HP engine. But only got high 20's mpg. Top speed, if you dared, about 75 mph. Only weighed about 1,700 lbs. Mine was light blue with a black interior. Ice scraper used as a windshield "defroster" in the winter.

    As a comparison my current car is a 2006 VW Jetta TDI. 1.9 liter engine with a rated output of 100 HP/177 ft. lbs. of torque. Weighs 3,200 lbs. Averages about 43 mpg.

    Things sure have changed in the last forty years.
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    All in the family

    I had a '58 and then a '68 bug. I don't want to talk about how many times I rebuilt engines, had wheels fall off, no brakes, etc. I can't believe I lived through all of it.

    I remember getting a speeding ticket once and successfully fighting it by pointing out to the judge there was no way my VW could go that fast. Of course, he didn't know I had tricked it out by then.

    My maternal grandmother had bugs and wagons and fastbacks (every model except the vans/transporters) from the 1950s to the 1980s. We called her "Grandma with the Volkswagon" to differentiate her from our paternal grandmother. She even signed all of our birthday and Christmas cards with this name.

    My sister had a '70 bug, I think, it's when they made an automatic, she had it and it sucked. My mother had one when I was two and she was pregnant with my sister, and I remember we were hit while in it. I also remember playing in it while it was in the driveway, releasing the parking brake, and rolling out the driveway and across the street to the neighbor's driveway. That was fun! The parents were scared, that made it more fun!!

    The last one my mother had was the Super model, 1976 maybe? The last one Grandma-with-the-VW had was an old red square wagon, parked at her curb so long the thing was hardly red anymore.

    Speaking of "thing," we passed one last week and we reminiscing; my boss in the 1980s had one he drove to work every day.

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    It seems to be the "revive old thread" day

    Had a '72 Super , always started....except wehen you were running late ...starter issues on this one drove me nuts.
    My first was a '59 Micro bus panel ( no windows except two sliders in doors and the tiny rear) No heater would ever heat that box up! It did however have a '70 ish 1600cc motor slid in its engine compartment with a Holly 2 barrel that had no space for an air filter....The headers on it allowed my neighbors and friends to hear me coming for blocks away they claimed...also had a set of Keystone mags w/ wide tires.... I believe was the term!
    I also survived a rollover in a '63 convertible where I was ejected thru the cloth sunroof ( open at time) and came back to roll it back over for the other three to get out of it...the Jack Daniels adrenaline inspired superstrength was talked about for some time....dumb-dumb 17 year olds!
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    First one was a '66 followed by a '68 when the first one was stolen and beaten to a pulp by the thieves. I used to put my ski boots in front of the '68s "heaters" to at least warm them up on the way to the SoCal ski resorts. The '68 got stuck in the snow once and just sat spinning the tires. I left it in gear, got out and pushed it out, jogged around, jumped in and drove home. No prob in a beetle. One more note...spent part of my 21st birthday legally drinking and removing a transaxle from a friends '69. Great memories.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mogu83 View Post
    I had a 66 bug. The engine was punched out to over 1800cc. The heads were worked, a Judson supercharger and a Holly Bug spray. It went 110 MPH and got 12 MPG.
    I had a 67 square back that had about 12 hp and got about 110 MPG

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    I had a 74 Super Beetle, loved that car, could drift it through an exit ramp using just the throttle.

    Then had a 74 Bus, converted that to full electric.

    Now I have a 2000 Beetle TDI and a 1986 Vanagon Syncro.

    So, ya. I like VW.

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    Oh yeah, I failed to mention back on page one (three years ago) that the very first car I ever rode in was a 66 VW. My parents had this cute little off-white bug when I was born, and I have faint memories of me at age 3 and my brother at age 1 riding together in the little compartment behind the back seat. That was a fun place to ride!
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