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Thread: 12GS Color Change

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    12GS Color Change

    I own a 2006 12GS and am considering changing the color from yellow blue. Although I don't mind the yellow, my wife and I think the BMW blue would look a bit more classy, rather that flashy. Now, I feel I have three options; (1) order the two panels from my BMW dealer, (2) take the panels to a body shop and have them prep and paint (risk of not being authentic color (I am a bit of a purist), (3)TRADE MY YELLOW PANELS FOR BLUE. I feel the last option is the most realistic and might just be able to assist someone else who might like a color change as well.

    Does anyone else have a better idea (uhh, oohh, I think I just opened myself up for ridicule) Thanks in advance for your input, suggestions, or comments
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    Suggestion: Send your wife to a psychiatrist or an optometrist... While she's there get yourself some Ohlins shocks (which are yellow) to match your yellow bike... then you wont be able to change the color. Yellow looks AWESOME (I have yellow too... but with the grey sides)

    Even better - Get your wife her own blue GS!!!

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    Three panels?

    The front fender, the tank top, and . . . ?

    My buddy just made his GSA red. The two panels ran about $600.

    If I had a yellow GS, I'd change the color, too.

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