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Thread: Schuberth C2 Visors

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    Schuberth C2 Visors

    This may be an old subject, but I can't find new visors for my C2 anywhere. The couple of places that had them on the website did not really have them in stock and when they went to their suppliers they were told that there would be none in the US until late fall at the earliest. It seemed shakey that they would be here at all.

    I have had a couple of friends try to find them for me in Europe, but the shops there told them that visors were a special order item and could take "quite awhile" to obtain (at over 90Euros a piece, they probably can't justify carrying an extensive inventory)

    I have an expensive helmet that I really don't want to replace. I like it a lot, but its useless without a visor.

    Should I give up and buy a Shoei Multitech? The price is similar, it has no drop down sunshield, but I can find parts for it almost anywhere.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Herleman- Try Derby Cycles web site. I bought a new Shuberth helmet last month and remember seeing shields there as well.

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    Thanks very much for the reply, but unfortunately, while Derby shows them on their website at $79.95 they also show them as "Out of Stock".

    This is frustrating.

    I was headed out in mid-June for about 30 days on the road. I am hoping to make my first ever BMWMOA event in Wisconsin. I had hoped that he Schuberth would be with me. Its a great helmet. The eye port is much larger than most and their is a distinct difference in the noise levels. I especially liked the way the shield vents at the top. Believe it or not, the top venting helps my allergies. I don't get the direct blast that the Shoei helmets give.

    But -- to have all this great stuff, the shield needs to be there. I took a good solid hit from a stone (or something) and while the shield prevented injury very well, it also gave up its life in doing it.

    Thanks agan for your response.

    I guess that eventually they will be available. I hope Schuberth itself is not going out of business now that Michael Schumacher is out of the picture.

    Anybody from Germany out there that can enlighten us?

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    I was down at Bob's BMW in the fall...he had them in stock cheaper than anywhere I have ever 'priced' them...although I can't remember exactly how much they were..

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    Murphy's Law: When you scratch your visor it's always right in front of your eyes.

    I tried to order one from the Canadian dealer in Montreal but they didn't want to ship to the US because of all the customs paperwork. He referred me to Sierra BMW in Reno where I placed an order but was not guaranteed a visor. I called a Sierra a month later to follow up and they had not gotten any visors. Schuberth is trying to set up a US distributor and it's taking a long time. I'm going to call Montreal again and have them ship the visor to my Mom in Canada and then have my her ship it to me.
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    I hope that works. Some emails to Canadian dealers indicate that they can't get'em either. There seems to be none left in the supply chain. Everybody had some "a couple of months (weeks, years, etc.) ago. But none have any now. I thought I'd just slip across the border, buy one, put it on the helmet, throw the old one away and head home. Yeah, right. Not gonna happen anytime soon. I just placed my order for the $441 variety Shoei Multitech. I can get visors for it, even if it doesn't have the features of the C2.

    I always wanted a McLaren F1, too. But they are also out of production. Why does everything great suffer from poor marketing?

    I asked one dealer if I could just buy a new helmet. He had one. Size XL, black. He wanted $559. He told me that in his opinion they were the best helmet ever made. Can't argue with that, there are none to be used for comparisons.

    The Schuberth guys are probably busy designing the replacements for the original equipment BMW F800 series panniers. There will eventually be a huge market for those.

    Too bad. I really liked the helmet. Back into the bottom of the closet it goes -- right next to the other good ideas.

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    Another place to try

    Try Engle Motors. In Kansas City. I bought my C2 there, and they are a dealer for them.
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    I tried.


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