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    Help..........I am having one heck of a time with my Schuberth helmet fogging up! I put in a 'FOG CITY' lense, and that does not help at all. When I move the lense forward and that 1o to 20 degree air hits my face, I want to scream. Any suggestions or remedies???
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    Some people say this stuff works...

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    fog solution

    I use a Lazer Century helmet with their anti-fog adapter (really like a dual pane window) and it does not fog at all. If you wear some type of glasses (sun or regular) they WILL fog, however. Good luck.
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    I open the chin vent and then put the slider inside in the up position. I also open a top vent or two. Make sense?

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    My fog city insert works really well in all temps. I find that moisture and Ice build up inside at the bottom when the temps are below 25. I wonder why yours fogs up? I have great (too great) anti fog ventilation on my Shoei helmet. Other than the funky refractions at night, I have been very satisfied with my Fog city shield.
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    FogTech questions?

    Mr. GT, I am the developer of FogTech so if you have any questions email me on or for some good information see the review at WebBikeWorld

    I am surprised you are getting fogging with the Schuberth as it does have an anti-fog coating built in by the manufacturer. But I have a friend in Virginia with one and he gets fogging on the pull down sunscreen. Is that what you are getting?

    If you are getting fogging on the regular shield, then you may have to purchase a new one or you can buy a good anti-fog. I think I know of at least one!

    Fogging on a coated shield like this is usually caused by cleaning too aggressively or cleaning with some soaps or chemicals which can destroy the anti-fog layer. For example, anything with any ammonia in it will wipe out the coating. (Windex, some dishsoaps, etc.)

    Also these manufacturer applied coatings are soft and the manufacturers usually recommend rinsing them in plain water and not touching them as they air dry.

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    Cat Crap has so far worked for me. Just a silly name for another degogger.

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    Re: FogTech questions?

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by themenz
    "I am surprised you are getting fogging with the Schuberth as it does have an anti-fog coating built in by the manufacturer."

    I'm Not! My Schuberth fogged the day I bought it (that should have been an indication for me to take it back). My second NEW shield (expensive replacement) fogs just as bad.

    And for what it's worth, I always read the care instructions provided with a helmet and I have never used a cleaner on any of my shields that was not recommended by the manufacturer.

    The fogging problem (one of many problems with the Schuberth)resides within Schuberth's design and will remain until Schuberth decides to address it. Meanwhile, I wear my Nolan N100. The Nolan also fogs in the right conditions (more extreme) but, not nearly as bad as the Schuberth, plus, the Nolan costs a heck of a lot less.

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    buy a different helmet

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