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    Passenger Backrest

    I love the Montana style R1200C that I bought used and my wife loves the big passenger seat in the rear. After a thousand miles on the bike my wife still refuses to let go of the seat strap for fear of falling off the back of the bike. (I am assured this is not related to my driving) She has admired the backrests she has seen on other bikes, mostly not BMWs, and we have looked into the addition of a backrest on our bike to make her more comfortable especially on the long rides.

    Since the bike was bought used with the larger Montana seat on the rear, we do not have the original ivory and blue leather backrest that came with the bike. We have a beautiful chrome hand rail behind the seat but it does not accomodate the backrest.

    What do you all feel about the backrest for the passenger?

    Does anyone have the ivory and blue leather backrest they would be wanting to sell?

    Does anyone have the chrome handrail that holds the backrest that they would like to sell?

    If I change out the chrome hand rails, would anyone like to buy the one I will take off for the other rail?

    I have seen the costs of these items new and even as a BMW lover I lost my breath and my wife almost lost more than that. Surely, there are these pieces sitting in a garage somewhere yearning to see the light of day again.


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    My G/F really liked the topcase we had mounted to the roadster, and felt much more secure with it there. After a while, she became more confident, and didnt feel it was as necessary. I just bought a new R850R, and I have to wait and sell the old Givi bags in order to get a backrest for the new bike. She said she doesn't mind not having the rest, feeling much more comfortable riding on the back. I don't think the seat is designed the same way though, and on long trips she will probably miss it. I wish you luck, and you may want to try the chromeheads web site for a backrest, as that site is devoted to the C model.
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    Zepper, you should check out the R1200 forum at You don't need to join unless you want to be able to post.

    There is an FAQ section ( with thorough coverage of the BMW seat options, a Product Info area ( and a Tech area ( for seats/ saddles, grabrails and backrests.

    In the marketplace you will find stuff all the time, both BMW and aftermarket, Corbin, Roman backrests, etc.

    So you can look at what others have on their bikes, read about what has worked or what didn't fit very well, then pick up the various parts and pieces you need. I sold the large Montana grabrail that accepts a backrest for $275, about half of what BMW wants for it. I've seen the one like you have sell for $250, so you can buy and sell until you have the setup you want without a huge outlay.

    Keep in mind that the BMW stock little hockey puck of a backrest/back seat has been the subject of a US NHTSA recall (read about it at:, so if you buy one of these from someone you will want to check that the repair has been done, needs to be done, or doesn't apply to the one you buy.
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    zepper, you just missed a brand new grabrail like you're looking for, for $300, on the Chromeheads.

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