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Thread: Garmin-Good Customer Service

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    Garmin-Good Customer Service

    I received a Garmin Zumo in February. It is my first GPS and I enjoy using it. Last week it failed to start. I called Garmin and the customer service tech walked me through several steps. Still, my beloved Zumo sat there blankly staring back at me.

    The tech then told me to ship it back to Garmin (at their expense) and when they received it they would ship a new one to me. This was too good to be true. Real customer service. No begging for repair or replacement? There had to be a catch. Somewhat reluctantly I took it to the UPS store last Thursday night. The new Zumo was on my doorstep when I got home a few hours ago.

    Garmin's action has built A LOT of goodwill in me for their company. This will weigh heavily in my decision when buying another GPS in the future. Knowing a company backs what they sell is worth a lot to me.

    I just thought I would pass this on. It is good to be able to report a positive experience like this. I hope others never have a problem with their GPS, but if they do, Garmin seems willing to step up to the plate.

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    +1 on the Garmin service! And a great product too boot.

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    On the other hand, my Zumo 550 is less than a month old. The rubber/plastic strapping that holds the weather cap onto the cradle for the Zumo is starting to crack throughout. I e-mailed Zumo customer service about this matter and was told to buy a new cradle. There is no warranty for accessories.

    This strap may cost a nickel, but a replacement mount is nearly $70.00. Even if I had to purchase and install the strap, it would beat having to replace the entire mount. It seems to be something that Microsoft would have come up with.

    So there is at least one soft spot in Garmin's armor.

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    Unhappy Two mounts both rotten rubber

    I put One Grand dressing on them Or use Armorall

    Both were rotten when I received them ????

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