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Thread: Suggestions for new riding pants?

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    Suggestions for new riding pants?

    My husband just bought his first BMW bike and wants some new riding pants. His birthday is coming up, so I though I would get him some....but I need some help please from you all! He has a pair of TourMaster Cortech pants now that he hates because he says they are bulky and hot (we live in San Diego). He mostly is a weekend rider, and takes some week-long trips here and there when he can. He is looking for something thin and cool, while I want him in something armoured, durable, and safe. He spent about $150 on his current pair, and we can afford to pay about $350 for a new pair. Any suggestions on pants that would be comfortable for him, while still providing major crash protection?

    I appreciate any help you folks can give! Thanks!

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    These folks are in San Diego and they make the pants there. You can get them custom made, and they are the ones CHPS use. Cool in summer , have liners to make them warm in winter.
    Jim Johnson, OP Kansas
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    Rev It Ultimate Pants

    You might want to check those out. They seem very high quality, and come with a vent on the thighs. I've heard good things about them. I currently own the Olympia Ranger2 pants. I love them but they are a little hot in the warm weather.

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    I've been very pleased with the Olympia Ultra Tour pants. They are lightweight but have CE-approved armor. They breathe, though not as much as a pair of mesh pants would, and they have a separate waterproof liner that makes them warmer but not bulky. The kneepads can be adjusted to three positions without altering them. They have full length outside zippers that make it easy to step into and out of them. I paid about $180 for them.
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    First Gear HT Air / Olympia

    I bought a pair of First Gear HT Air Overpants about 1 year ago and have been very pleased. Although I live in a more moderate climate, (mid-Atlantic), I have worn them all day on some 90+ degree days. In that kind of heat, I just wear shorts underneath. As long as I'm moving the mesh provides good air flow, while also offering good protection with padding in the knees and hips, (although the hip pads must be ordered seperately).

    The waist band is adjustable for fit and zippers down the legs make donning & doffing very easy. (I have a long inseam and was able to order them in a "tall" size). They have a waterproof liner that works well, but is not too bulky to stow. Price was in the $150 - $200 price range if I remember correctly. Quality is pretty good for the price point. One of the waist fastners popped off early on, but I've been using them w/o repairing it; the zipper and 2nd fastner get the job done.

    I also purchased a pair of similar style used Olympia ventilated pants for my wife and I would rate them as better in quality of construction and materials, than First Gear, but I can't comment on fit and am not sure of the particular model.

    Good luck - with the plethora of materials and manufacturers out there today, there's little excuse to ride w/o some armour on the lower half. Road rash stinks!


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    I have the Olympia Ranger pants and a AST jacket that I love in cooler weather.

    I picked up a Motoport Kevlar Mesh jacket about a month or so ago and am quite happy with it. I'm ordering a pair of Kevlar pants next. You may have to wait a bit for delivery is the only caveat.

    +1 for Motoport

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    BMW Summer 2 pants

    I just ordered the BMW Summer2 pants, I think they might fight you bill

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